The Time In Betweeen {Work & Play}

Monday, February 10, 2014

Often, during the week, I don't have time to make full projects. 
That doesn't mean I'm not spending a little time in my craft room.
Tonight there was time for a little experimentation before dinner.
Ever Since I made this card, I've had another idea to try.
I love working with double sided adhesive sheets and glitter.
You get the picture!
If you die cut the release sheet from the double sided adhesive it can be used a mask.
Just make sure you place the die cut onto the adhesive the right way or you won't be able to remove it.  I know from experience :) There are so many possibilities for layering these masks.  Add glitter, remove a mask, add more glitter, remove a mask......
See you tomorrow!

Cardstock: PTI White
Dies: PTI Heart Border, Hexagon Cover Plate
Other: MS Glitter, Thermoweb Adhesive Sheets


  1. I love popping by here Kara, you always inspire me!

  2. Yes, these glitters are wonderful! Love what you've been doing!

  3. I am so truly impressed...I would have glitter all over me from head to foot and still be washing it are an inspiration to stretch the mind and think outside that box. thank you!

  4. I love seeing all the different techniques you try. The glitters look so festive & fun!

  5. You are the glitter master. I am not a glitter fan, but enjoy watching others play with it.


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