Card Storage {FIF #112}

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hi! Today I thought I'd share with you how I store my completed cards.
My most recently posted or yet to be posted cards are normally put onto this shelf.
Next they make their way to these wire bottle carriers.
These are usually filled with cards for the season that we are in {Christmas, Easter, etc..)
Right now there are mainly birthday cards there because I have so many birthdays coming up. 
It's easy to just grab one.
After that, they are filed in these two drawers.
The drawers have dividers and I seperate my cards into these categories: birthday, love, thank you, friendship, congrats/new home, holiday, baby/kids
 {I think that's it}.
And from here hopefully they get mailed out to someone special:)
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So many great designs to see!


  1. Love the bottle carriers ,and the pretty display shelves. Did you draw the sketch of your sweet dog?

  2. Hi Kara, Love that you display your cards before storing. Your system looks very organized! :) Cathy

  3. Great system. I always love seeing how people organize their stuff. I've been on a major paper organization streak.

  4. Kara thanks for sharing your storage tips, an issue we all have. I haven't quite found the perfect solution yet but you have some great ideas!

  5. You are so incredibly organized it kills me!!
    I really need to come up with a system like this...
    I just keep them in a box...
    that is currently overflowing. :(
    LOVE those wire baskets! :)

  6. Love your system and how you are using the wire basket for your cards. I am in love with wire baskets.

    Thanks for stopping by. It's cool that you thought those pieces were wood, they are in fact just Papertrey's cream cardstock. I don't think you can appreciate in the photo that the heart is dry embossed and both the heart and butterfly were sprayed with shimmery spritz. It looks really pretty in person.

  7. Oooh, I'd like some of those wire baskets! Very nice!

  8. Thanks for showing how you store your cards Kara. I love those bottle holders!

  9. TFS!!!
    Wanted to write and tell you that I've cased you for Lawnscapings "Inspired by" challenge that will go live tomorrow afternoon - but I couldn't find your e-mail - We've been writing eo I know - but no search would get me your address. Maybe I should have asked permission earlier... Let me know if it's not Ok and I will remove my post. There will be links to you both from the Lawnscaping page and from mine.
    Have a wonderful week, hugs, Karin

  10. Love the shelf, Kara, and the drawers - thanks for sharing this idea!

  11. Well... another reason to get that shelf :D I love the way you store your cards!


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