I Love Birds

Friday, July 11, 2008

Anything with wings, really, but mainly birds. It's a borderline obsession. I have to hold myself back from buying everything bird related. I am still trying to take a good humming bird picture. My mother-in-law's garden is a popular place for humming birds. Maybe I'll be lucky and catch a shot of one there.

These photos are awesome!

I recently purchased a beautiful humming bird bracelet from Etsy. The shop is Kira Ferrer Jewelry Design. I hope she will add other bird charms to her line, maybe a swallow. Bracelet photos are from Kira's Etsy shop.

I found these birds in PA last summer at a place called Founder's Crossing. It is a great place with antiques, crafts, and other good stuff. Because you could spend the day looking around that place, they have a small eatery with great sandwiches.

I love the contrast of the white birds against the blue walls in my bedroom.

These sweet birds belonged to my grandmother. I'm not sure what they are made of ,but they are very fragile.

Have a Great Weekend!


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