A New Week

Monday, July 28, 2008

This week marks the middle of summer school. Three more weeks left. I enjoy working summer school. It is much more laid back than the regular school year. There is no pressure to do well on tests. We are able to help reinforce skills the kids will need for the following year in more creative ways and I think the kids enjoy coming. Our district also offers art and computer classes once a week. The art teacher is so awesome. She actually teaches art to high school students, but teaches the younger ones during summer school. Her attitude towards art for kids is the best I have encountered in all my years of interpreting. She gives the students some guidelines, it may be the technique, the subject, or something broad like that. She really lets them explore and experiment and nothing is wrong. I have interpreted in the past for teachers who tell the child that what they have made is not good enough and they need to change this or that before she would be willing to display it. An interpreter friend of mine put it this way. "When it comes to teachers we see it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly." That is so true and Ms. A is definitely one of "the good."

I also have an order from my Etsy shop to mail out today! So exciting.

Have a great week!


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