Spring Lake

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

After summer school today, I met my parents for lunch in Spring Lake. It is a beautiful seaside town with a large picturesque lake. The lake has many little, shady nooks to sit and read a book, or in my mother's case, write one. She draws inspiration from the natural surroundings and the big, old, Victorian homes in the area.

There are a lot of wonderful little shops on the main street. The shops are very expensive, but it is fun to get ideas there.

This particular shop was called Whimsicality. They had beautiful linens, soft furniture, and old and new wood pieces. They don't have a web site, but this links you to all shopping in that area. Another great shop is called Kate and Company. This shop has the coolest islands for the kitchen and other great decorative items. My favorite was a clear bubbled glass pendant light. So if you are ever in the area; take a walk around the lake, get a bite to eat, and shop for inspiration.


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