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Thursday, July 31, 2008

As we walk through our neighborhood with Lady, I notice two reactions. The first common reaction, almost always from adults, is to move to the other side of the street. Lady is a big German shepherd. I think a lot of people mistakenly associate all dogs of her breed with aggression. The second reaction, almost always from children, is a strong desire to pet and hug her. Every night we hear, "Can we pet your dog?" Kids just absolutely love her. They do not have those negative associations and are not the least bit afraid of her. I always thought it would be rewarding to take her to hospitals to visit and cheer up the kids. She makes them so happy and she loves the attention. Today, at summer school, one of the teachers brought in her therapy dog. She explained to the kids what she does and how Shelby helps out in nursing homes and hospitals. It really renewed my interest in this idea. I'll have to do some more research and work with Lady. One hurdle, interaction with other dogs. One of the requirements to be certified through Therapy Dogs International is the ability to encounter another dog with a minimal amount of interest. Lady has issues with other dogs. She loves people, but does not like most other dogs. I don't know if I could get her over that. She is a smart dog, but I might need some help with that one. I'll have to look into it more and see if it would be a possibility for Lady and me.

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  1. Have had the same experience with Baron. He is very big and intimidating but a woose at heart.


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