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Friday, July 18, 2008

It is hard to remember a time when I didn't love paper. When I was about 11 my aunt worked in a stationary store. I thought she had the coolest job ever. Sometimes when I would visit her, she would take me to work with her. She would let me put some new cards on the shelves or shrink wrap packaging that had come open. I loved it.
I started making my own cards about 7 years ago. I moved back to NJ and was not used to being closed up indoors for months at a time. It was a great indoor outlet for those cold winter months. I got so much pleasure from the whole process. From picking the papers, moving them around until it felt right, choosing a saying or quote that really fit the occasion, completing the project, sending it off, and finally to the reaction from the recipient. Friends and family often told me they liked them so much , they still had every one. I liked the idea of creating things that people would want to keep instead of something disposable. That's when I began making memory books for myself and for others as gifts. I loved knowing that families would share these books time and again. I made a mini book of our first family reunion last summer. When I brought it with me this year everyone loved looking back on the previous year.
When you only make things for yourself and people you know, it is somewhat limiting. Our family is full of boys. I love making things for little boys, but sometimes I want to play with all the wonderful colors and products that are more commonly associated with girls. In my Etsy shop I am free to create any theme I choose. Knowing that it will be useful to many other people frees me up to create anything I am inspired to make.
This past week I have felt like making cards. I found some really cute BasicGrey Christmas paper and couldn't wait. No matter that Christmas is 5 months away. I made some really cute interactive birthday cards too! I will be adding them to my shop soon. Here is a peek.

My love returns this weekend!

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