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Monday, July 14, 2008

"What the?"

This caught my eye as I was unlocking my front door. At first I assumed it was a spider. A dark colored thing, hanging by a thread, must be a spider. I hate spiders. I have to keep my eye on them so I am sure they don't somehow jump onto me before I can get away. In so doing, I realized that this was no spider. Some sort of strange worm-like thing inside a swaying home. It was hard to get a clear photo since the thing kept swinging. Crazy little thing. I have to go check it out some more.

Ok, I'm back and I convinced myself that in the name of science, I should touch it. Very carefully, I let it lay (lay, lie, whatever) in my hand. I didn't break the thread. The little worm thing retreated inside, but by the end came back out to see why I was disturbing him.

Click on the pictures to see the detail.
Any idea what it is?

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