Family Reunion

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We had our second annual family reunion a few weeks ago at my aunt's house in PA. My mom and dad, my aunt and uncle, my brother and sister-in-law, my three nephews, and my husband and me. Eleven of us in one house. Loud Uno games until midnight, berry picking, grilling, and fireworks. It was fun!
My sister-in-law and I share the love of hunting through antique and junk stores for cool treasures. She had these old stamps and a couple of other goodies for me when I arrived.

We had some time to shop a little between catching bugs with the boys and relaxing on the porch. I picked up this printer's tray and I plan to use it to showcase some of the (160+!) photos I took that weekend. Ali Edwards made one that I really like. See it here.

I'll post pictures when it is completed.
The healthy eating plan went out the window for the weekend. Not that we didn't eat healthy foods, we did. But with foods like this around, I can't be expected to resist.

I believe it is one of my grandmother's recipes. I'll have to ask my aunt for it.
We had a great time again this year and we all look forward to next year's fireworks. My brother went all out this year. The kids loved it, the adults did too:)

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  1. Hi Kara - I find your blog site to be upbeat and cheerful. I look forward to checking it for the latest events and information that you feel free to share.
    - SwirlingOaks


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