A Gift of Gift Bags

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello and Happy Sunday!
As I have mentioned before, we spent several days with family at my aunt's house in Pennsylvania.
We always bring each other little gifts and things.
One of the things I brought was a bag of gift bags for my aunt.
Each bag came with tissue paper and was decorated with a card using the card hanger dies.

She loved them!
The perfect way to package up a last minute gift;
she has everything she needs.

Links to the cards above:
Pink Floral
Navy Blue
Red Friend
Red/White Stripes
Pink Birthday


  1. Adorable! What a sweet idea! I hope you weren't real close to me in PA, I would be upset if I missed a chance to see you!!!!

  2. Very thoughtful little gift idea, will have to remember this!! Thanks Kara ;)

  3. SUCH a great idea! I'm gonna gift my mama with a bunch. thanks, Kara!

  4. This is cute and such a thoughtful gift. Love this idea Kara.

  5. Kara what a fabulous gift idea and I am sure your aunt loved it. What a thoughtful gift!

  6. Awesome gift! I'm sure your aunt will be thrilled every time she gets to use one of your sweet bags.

  7. What a wonderful idea for a gift. I'm going to steal (I mean CASE) it!


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