Friday Favorites {FIF #125}

Friday, July 12, 2013

 I finally purchased a label maker.  I've wanted one for a long time to label all of my non Papertrey Ink stamp sets.  I buy jewel CD cases at Target and put all of my sets into them.  It's nice to finally have them all labeled!  I've also been labeling my daubers, file folders, travel toiletry bottles, and anything else that doesn't move, lol! 
Love it!
Visiting my mom on Wednesday, she nonchalantly mentions that a Hobby Lobby opened up about 5 minutes up the road from her house.
I said, "let's go!!"
It's in an old grocery store building in a strip mall.  The store is HUGE! 
I would say it is the size of 2 Michael's combined.  It's about 30 min. from my house, not that far!
Unfortunately we got there at about 7:45 pm and they close at 8.  That's great for the employees, but we only go to see about 1/8 of the store.  I plan to take a ride up there next week....early!
Have a great weekend. 
Check out the file for some inspiration!


  1. Kara, I totally understand your love of your new label maker. I'm still in love with mine, and I've had it five years, LOL! When I come to America, one day, I am going to visit one of these Hobby Lobby stores, and a Michaels, and the US version of Target. I'm very curious! We have NOTHING similar here in Australia, I am certain. Have a great week-end!

  2. I got a Brother P-Touch label maker about 10 years ago as a Christmas gift from a friend who knows me well. Best gift ever!!! Love labeling stuff. Hobby Lobby is great. I think you'll enjoy poking around in there. It's a great place to get table-top frames since they're almost always 50% off. I lose track of time in ours sometimes...especially if I don't have kids. Oh, and if you have a smart phone, they have an app with the 40% off coupon on the app (and you can use it more than once, unlike Michael's app)

  3. I love my label maker too! I had to laugh about the time that H.L. closes and bummer that you missed seeing it! I am glad for the employes and I am glad they are closed on Sunday ,but do you know how many time I want to go there on a Sunday…lots. You will love it. Remember to use your coupon from your phone.
    Thanks for choosing one of my cards this week!

  4. I LOVE my label maker(s)...
    I even have colored tape for one! :)
    I actually have 2.
    Depends on what I'm labeling...
    but can't live without them! :)
    And love that pic of the all the Fall things starting to pop up...
    gets me excited for the holidays! :)

  5. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby nearby! I'm headed to Indiana to visit my family this week, and I always make time to visit the Hobby Lobby while I'm there. Can't wait to see what treasures you find there!


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