Friday Favorites {FIF #126}

Friday, July 19, 2013

I had a great week! How about you?
I just discovered a new store in our local mall called Lush.
I'd heard of Lush, but I hadn't been to the mall in over a year and didn't  know it was there.
They are such a great company that produces natural products that are cruelty free and so much more.
Their products are expensive, but I decided to splurge a little.
I love taking baths!
A bird has built a nest in one of my hanging geranium plants.
I've been watching him {I guess that would be her, but I always call them him} fly in and out with bits of things to build the nest and now I hear little peeps!

Met my hubby for lunch the other day.
It felt good to throw on a little dress and feel pretty:)
My dress is from the Loft.
I love the Loft because I'm 5'4 and their petites are the perfect length for me,
no hemming, and they have great sales!

I love road trips!
We always manage to find ways to make them interesting.
Last weekend we drove out to western PA to visit family and stopped at the coffee pot in Bedford!
So many beautiful projects this week!!
Check them out {#126} and have a super weekend!


  1. I love LUSH too! A little hint for you, their bubble bars last forever. You only need a very small amount to make a bubble bath, definitely not the big chunks they recommend. I buy them for my girls as a treat, and my kids smell so sweet after their baths. :-) I hope you catch a photo of the source of the little peeps! :-)

  2. Cute dress! I'm the same size as you and also love Loft - they have such cute and stylish clothes.

  3. Look how cute you look in your polka dotty dress!! Thanks for pinning my card too, made my day ;)

  4. I've never heard of Lush...
    but since soaking in a nice, long, hot tub is one of my favorite things...
    I believe I must find out about this Lush! :)
    And you look adorable in your fabby dress! :)
    I have birds building nests on my front porch in the columns...
    unlike you...
    I want Patrick to fix it so they can't. :(
    They dive at your head if you go anywhere near the front porch and I'm scared...
    I see flashes of Alfred Hitchcock! :(

  5. Love your little summery dress! I am too tall ,nothing ever long enough . Love that coffee pot building .I love baths too ,how fun to find new products.
    We get humming birds nest every year ,so fun to watch from start to finish ...or fly away. Enjoy watching yours.


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