Weekend Find

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ryan and I went to the Lambertville Antique Market this weekend. We found a piece to add to our collection of Columbia dinnerware. Ryan's mom started us off with this collection. She had been collecting it for a while when she decided to pass it on to us. I really love it and this is the first piece Ryan and I have picked up together. After some research, via the internet, I am certain we got a good deal! This isn't our only collection. Ryan's mom has kindly given us another collection of Fire King Jadeite dinnerware. That is my favorite set. It is so much fun to hunt for rare pieces. We always have our eyes open for it, and have even picked up a few pieces on a trip to NC. Depression glass had such humble beginnings and now it has become so desirable. It makes it harder and harder to find, but also more exciting when you do.

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