It's Just A Card

Monday, August 18, 2008

In a way, it is. But in a way it is a lot more. They are my mini canvases. My way of expressing feelings about a special events and everyday moments. I put together colors that I think are beautiful, add words that I think are meaningful, and include images my nephews would think are cool. I play with them until I would be proud to give them to someone that is special to me. Then I put them in my shop and hope that you love them, would feel proud to give them, and don't think of them as just a card. I haven't sold a ton, but I have been excited for each sale I have received. The feedback I have been getting is so sweet and I want to say thank you for appreciating the care put into each one. I hope it makes the person you give it to feel like a special person, because that is who I made it for.

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