Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ryan and I had a few days to get away.  We decided to drive up to Lake Winnipesaukee, NH for a long weekend.  Ryan had been there with his family a long time ago, but I had never been.  We drove up mostly off the highway.  We love to really see the towns we drive through.  We consider that part of the vacation itself.  We are really happy when we come across a good antique store!

The lake is so large we decided the best way to see it was to take a tour.  It was a 2 hour tour on the MS Mt. Washington.  It was really beautiful to see all of the little islands and the homes were amazing.

Our hotel had a small beach and dock area which is where we spent the first evening watching the sun go down.  Each morning we had breakfast at the Union Diner
It was so good and the people were really nice!

We love to hike so we headed to Castle In The Clouds
Some hiking and some history!

It was really beautiful up there!  The view was insane. 
We had a really great time.


  1. Hi Kara! What a wonderful trip! I have been there and it's gorgeous. Are you in Massachusetts, too? We sometimes have shoebox swaps and other crafty get-togethers and would love to keep you in the loop if you're nearby! :)

  2. Wow, those pictures are really gorgeous. Sounds like a great weekend getaway. I am headed to New Hampshire next Monday, so this is like a little visual preview. I've never been before.

  3. WOW Kara! What stunning photos! I do miss the beauty of the East Coast. I used to go rock climbing in North Conway, NH. Such beautiful country! Thanks for the memory :)

  4. WONDERFUL pictures! Brought back memories from my au pair year in Boston when me and my friend would drive up to NH for hiking or skiing. So beautiful!

  5. It looks so beautiful there! Now I know I'm really readt for a vacation!
    Kindest regards,
    Jennifer Ferrell


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