Snowy Saturday

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I made this card for my cousin's bridal shower. I used a flower technique by Dawn McVey. I used white paper then airbrushed the petals lightly with the Copic airbrush system. It is very subtle, but shows up more than the photos let on.

We had a lot of fun playing with Lady in the snow...

...after we ate some delicious pancakes. We needed energy for all of the shoveling we had to do. About halfway through, our neighbor came by with his snow plow and took hours off of our work in about 3minutes! Sweet.

It has finally stopped snowing, but not until hours after this photo was taken!


  1. What a lovely card! I love your flower and the flourish with the rhinestones!

  2. I love your card .... very pretty.

    I cannot believe all of the snow. This storm was crazy. About 10 miles as the crow flies they have the same kind of snow you got and we did not even get 1/2 inch CRAZY!!!

    Be safe when you get out on the roads!!!

  3. Gorgeous card - so soft and pretty.

    Good luck getting shoveled out. I know what a pain all that snow can be (I live in Iowa).

  4. A great card! Very feminine. Can't imagine snow of that amount.

  5. Simply gorgeous. Love the soft colors. And wow....what a huge amount of snow!

  6. Your card is just beautiful! Love the flower- must be gorgeous IRL. Bbrrr, looks COLD!! Sending you & Lady some aloha and sunshine!

  7. Such a beautiful card!! Your deck looks like ours lol!

  8. You know by this time of year I do get a bit tired of the snow but I have to admit it is pretty. It does take a lot of work shoveling, but those pancakes gave you the right energy I'm sure. Lovely card and you did a great job on the flower.


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