Love Triangles

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hi!  Flying by with a quick card I recently created with a WPlus9 stamp set called Just Geometrics: Triangles.  I used one little stamp from this set to create my pattern.  I chose colors that felt a little more masculine after playing around with reds and pinks on my last few projects.  I used Nautical Navy, Bo Peep, Black, and Melon Berry.  I used an older WPlus9 set to stamp my sentiment called The Birds and the Bees.  It was released way back in 2010 and I'm pretty sure it has been retired, but any love sentiment would work here. 
I don't know about you guys, but since the holidays I have been in kind of a creative slump.  So much was going on during the holidays that I wasn't spending as much time in my craft room.  I was OK with that because prepping for parties, wrapping gifts, and drinking hot chocolate was fun!  Now that things have slowed down I haven't been 'feeling it' if you know what I mean. Normally this feeling doesn't last long and a little bit of creative play and experimenting gets me right back in, but I haven't really felt like it...  I do miss it, though.  I think I'll just have to commit to going in there, even when I don't feel inspired, and play around anyway, even if all I create is tossed in the end.  Hopefully, that will get me going again.  Does this happen to you?

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  1. It totally happened to me, too, Kara! What helped me was reorganizing a bit, and putting my new goodies out on my desk - in my face, ya know? Then finding a challenge, or three, that would spur me on! You have a gorgeous start, right here, girlfriend!

  2. Christmas is so inspiring! It's no wonder we have some lag time happenin' Kara! I have to get back after it because we have so many birthdays in January! lol Love what you did with the triangle and these colors though! Very creative and to add the heart...I wouldn't have thought of that! Fabulous!

  3. Well, I don't see any sign of a slump in this card!! I do know what you mean though and am feeling that way myself. I need a jump start!!

  4. I think all us creative folks suffer a slump now and then. It is a quite normal part of the cycle. Take some time just to play in your craft room, without any pressure to make it into a card and it will come.

  5. I hear your lament loud and clear! I've been forcing myself to post at least weekly- and not always successfully at that! Don't worry- The Spring thaw will come!

  6. I totally hear you, Kara.... as much as I love making cards, sometimes, I just don't feel like it. I find it helps me to sketch out ideas when I'm at work, and then if I have time at home, at least I have a starting place. Challenges are a nice push, too....
    I love your card, by the way.... You always rock the geometric designs and I'm always in awe of the patience you have to create with just one stamp!


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