Glitter Pumpkins

Friday, October 8, 2010

I made these pumpkins after work today.  So easy and fun and they don't use as much glitter as you might think. 
This pumpkin is purple, not blue.  No matter how I photographed it, it came out looking blue.
Have a Great Weekend!

Supplies: Mini Pumpkins and Martha Stewart Glitter


  1. What a cute project! I SO need to make something other than a card sometimes. :) just adorable!

  2. Wow! These are so pretty. What a great idea!

  3. Do you know how much those beauties cost at Pottery Barn ?? Girl you could make some money for PTI stamps selling these at a craft fair!!!

  4. Hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog to tell you about Papercraft Star (just in case you don't already know!) We'd love to have you enter some of your inspired projects in our challenges there. We're also having a DT call soon and want to tell papercrafters like you about the call! There is still time to enter our PTI gift certificate drawing too!

  5. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! (yes, I am shouting that so you will be sure to hear :)


  6. So pretty! Even the purple/blue looking one!

  7. Don't you just HATE it when your photos do that to you?
    I really, really love these, and I MUST know, did you use spray adhesive to get the glitter to stick, or ???


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