Friday, October 22, 2010

I wish I had thought of this a few weeks ago.  It seems that the squirrels have gotten to most of the acorns by now.  On our walk, it was hard to find these two still intact.  I love how they look glittered and would love a whole bowl of them to spread around my Thanksgiving table.  I'm still going to see if I can find some more.  I love the little brown one with the hole.  It reminds me of a miniature bird house!
I'll be back later with a paper craft project I have been working on for the students in one of the classes I work in.


  1. Oh, those are so cute. You're just crafting up a storm aren't you? Love them...

  2. Those glittery acorns are adorable. Just beware that sometimes those little holes have insects inside of them and you may not like how they invade your home. I'd keep them out in the garage for awhile.

  3. Cute project Kara, I love glitter (on anything lol!) And you're right, these would have looked pretty on your Thanksgiving table, file away that idea for next year ;)


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