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Friday, July 15, 2011

I have become so interested in learning how to create beautiful cookie designs using royal icing.  
I have been inspired by
and many others! 
Check out my cookie pin board for so many beautiful cookies.

I didn't bake these cookies myself because I wanted to focus on making the royal icing for the first time, work with consistencies, etc.  I knew if I had to bake the cookies too I'd be over it after making and cleaning up one huge mess just to start another. In the future I plan to make the cookies myself so I can make different shapes.

I definitely made some mistakes.  Next time: make outline thinner, use more flood icing to fill, add white food coloring to make icing stay white, outline larger, use more vibrant food coloring.  I could go on, but I'm happy with my first attempt and so was my dad cause he got to eat them!

Cardstock: PTI Rustic White, Sweet Blush
Stamps: PTI Just For You
Ink: PTI Chai, Memento Blue and Angel Pink
Other: Limitless Layers Dies, Twine, Sweet Blush Ribbon


  1. I love the way you packaged your cookies , wow who wouldn’t love getting those. You have inspired me to do the same. Thanks

  2. What day can I expect this package at my door? I want to make sure the mailman doesn't eat any of them! Which recipe did you end up using for that frosting? I would love to try it too. Got ya with the mess of both on your practice day! Good choice to try with store bought cookies first.

  3. Those look yummy and I think your icing looks really good. If you need my address, let me know! Im always up for

  4. They look great Kara!! This month in Martha Stewart there is a section on using royal icing ...... AND there is an ice box chocolate chip cookie recipe ....... I guess the cookies soften overnight with the cream being on each layer and then the next day when it is ready to serve you can cut it like a cake ........ oh and the packaging PERFECT!!!

  5. Beautiful cookies, and gorgeous packaging!


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