Snowed In

Monday, December 21, 2009

I had been planning this weekend for weeks. It was my mom's birthday and I had planned a surprise party or her on Saturday night. It started snowing on Saturday morning and didn't stop. None of our guests were able to make it except my mom, dad, my mother and father-in-law. The six of us still managed to have a good time eating, drinking, and laughing.

They weren't able to go home Saturday night. We woke up Sunday, made breakfast and then started the long task of digging out the cars and waiting for the plows to come through.

Luckily schools are canceled today, because now I am sick. Stuffy nose and no voice! What a weekend. My mom was still surprised. She said she had no idea we had been planning this for her. I just wish everyone could have been there for her party.

1 comment :

  1. Oh my God, these is the bunch of the snow :-) But this is like a fairy tale for me. It was snowing here in Slovenia too it was magical Sunday - snow and sun. And happy birthday to your mom :-)


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