Friday Favorites {FIF #132}

Friday, August 30, 2013

Black Bean Burger from The Beanery.
So delicious!
I took a ride, with my parents, to Pt. Pleasant, NJ on Wednesday.
One of the things I love about NJ are its small town Main Streets full of eclectic shops and cafes.
The Beanery is my favorite place to eat lunch.  Not far from there is another one of my favorites, Spano's.  A cozy little Italian restaurant that is the best!
A new work bag.....finally!
I have been searching and searching for a new bag for about a year now.
The one I bought several years ago was the perfect work bag.  When, after years of use, it started falling apart I started looking for a new one.  Who knew it could be so difficult?  I walked around with a tattered bag because I couldn't give it up.  I finally found a new one that is just perfect for me.
It's a little on the expensive side, but considering how much I will be using it, I thought it was worth it.  I'm excited for the new school year to begin! 
This week's Friday Inspiration File {#132} is full of beautiful new cards!
Check them out.
You may have noticed that I started pinning some of my own projects to a new KandRDesigns board.
I debated for awhile now about starting this kind of board.  I did it for a few reasons.  The main reason is that I found a few of my cards on Pinterest that linked to someone else's bog with no link back its original source.  In an effort to retain some control over my projects I wanted to make sure there was a link somewhere that took you back to the original :) Another reason is that I've wanted to have a gallery of my work somewhere and since I don't use Flickr or any of those sites, this was the easiest way for me to do that.  I'll slowly be adding my projects there so I don't overwhelm your feed {if you follow me}. 
Come back tomorrow for this month's 12 Kits post and a GIVEAWAY!
Happy Friday.
I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Great idea to add your OWN cards… so sorry someone else would not link your work back to you. Your cards are very inspirational!
    How fun to have a new work bag.


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