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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I finally found a new bag. I needed something big enough to hold books or files for work, but didn't look like a briefcase. I wanted it to look more like a purse. I found this one in an awesome rust color. I looked all over and found this at Macy's, but was not paying $88 for it. I lucked out when I found it at Marshalls for $34.

I had my first official day of work at my new job yesterday. I met a ton of new people and I'll be lucky if I remember any of their names. It's a bit overwhelming to meet 100+ of your new co-workers all in one day. Everyone was very welcoming, though. The teacher I'll be working with the most seems very nice. She has never worked with an interpreter before, but is very open to the suggestions I have had so far with regard to setting up her classroom, room layout, and student seating etc. I think she and I will work well together.

I'm trying to work on something for Dawn's newest color challenge. Hopefully I will have a project to post soon.

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