Friday Inspiration File #76

Friday, July 13, 2012

Have you heard of Yonanas?  I love this machine.  All you need is frozen fruit to make a sweet frozen dessert.  I am definitely a sweet person, not salty, and at night I always crave something sweet.  I try to be good and usually have sherbet.  Now I can have something even better!  No added sugar or preservatives or anything, just fruit! 
 Love it! 

Anyway, I'm really here to share some beautiful projects I have seen this week.  
Enjoy!  FIF #76 


  1. I don't have that machine, but we a vitamix blender (the kind they use on most cooking shows) and we often do that! The kids love the strawberry version, and we love bananas with a bit of cacao powder - yum!

  2. that sounds really cool and great for my sweet tooth, too! :)Hope you are having a great week, Kara! :)


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