Honeycomb Jar

Friday, June 25, 2010

Here's another great jar I picked up while visiting my aunt in PA. The glass has a honeycomb pattern on it.
The lid has a domed metal insert perfect for the stems of flowers.

My hydrangea bush finally flowered this year after many years with nothing. It's quite a show:)


  1. What an interesting jar Kara! I love that honeycomb pattern!

  2. Love the jar ...... what a great find and with that lid ...... YUMMO!! Now on to the Hydrangea ..... do you get different colors with yours?? My husband and I always discuss this color because he thinks it has to do with the acid level in the soil ......... sometimes my purple one gets some blue on it. Oh how I love my hydrangea .......

  3. The hydrangea color does change depending on the ph of the soil. So cool!

  4. These are gorgeous! I wish I had a green thumb! I can't keep anything alive! LOl!

  5. Fun jar and I love your hydrangea photos!! I'm so glad mine bloomed (are still blooming!) this year. Last year my hydrangea didn't bloom...turns out it was because my husband trimmed it all back in the winter. And hydrangeas only bloom on old wood! Who knew? This last winter I told him to not touch my hydrangea and it is beautiful!

    if you haven't noticed, I'm making my way back through your blog and loving everything! I've got several of your posts tagged with special tags in my google reader)


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