My Birth Story

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last spring I took a course on Ethics. Part of our coursework was to journal on specific topics. The idea being that when we identify our core values we can more easily react to situations from those core values.

The journal began with a birth story, including the circumstances surrounding the time of your birth. I talked to both of my parents to get the info, which included how they and the rest of the family felt about my birth. Due to my grandmother's illness and caring for my young brother, my mom didn't know she was pregnant with me until the first time she felt me kick! My grandmother, who was well loved in the family, died about 1 month before I was born and my birth helped to ease some of the pain. Since then I have wanted to do a page using that journaling.

The safety pin is my actual diaper pin. My mom was kind enough to give it up, she still has one more that she wanted to keep:)

Journaling is printed on the back of the page. I want to do one of these for my husband too.
Have a great week!

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