Coffee Cake Donuts {Balancing a Sweet Tooth with A Healthy Lifestyle}

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I LOVE sweets guys! I have a massive sweet tooth.  I get it from my dad for sure.  I also love living a healthy lifestyle.  In an effort to balance the two I have decided that I will indulge in delicious sweets only when I bake them!

This works out great for me because I don't have the energy or time to bake until the weekend.  A few times a month I'll bake something and I feel absolutely no guilt enjoying what I bake.  Whatever is left over goes to work with my husband for his co-workers to enjoy.  They love me! ;)

This morning I went with vegan Coffee Cake Donuts.  So easy and so delicious!  Check out the recipe at Sweet Like Cocoa
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Life Is Sweet!
My favorite baking supplies {affiliate links used}


  1. This look amazing!! Now I'm craving coffee cake!

  2. Looks delicious! Your control is so commendable and sounds like a great way to enjoy without the guilt!


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