Playa del Carmen {Mexico}

Monday, September 3, 2012

Here are a few more photos from our trip to Mexico.  The first few show more street art.  That's what I call it, but really it's on the beach!

These suckers were everywhere. 
I'm used to lizards from growing up in FL, but these guys were huge:)


This is where we snorkeled all day {Xel-Ha}.

Talk about relaxing on the beach!  There is such a nice breeze down by the water; these curtains blow around and it is so relaxing.  When we got to our hotel/resort, we looked at each other and said, "We're staying here??"  Nicest place I have ever stayed.  It was all inclusive too.  There were so many amazing restaurants, a spa, several pools, close to downtown, right on the beach...paradise! 

A storm was rolling in, but it didn't last long.

Thanks for letting me share my pics. 


  1. what a little piece of heaven! thanks for sharing!

  2. Can I just say WOW Kara! What a fabulous trip - such an exotic place. Love that photo of the waves rolling in and the beautiful colour of the sea.

  3. Wow--what beautiful photos. Sounds like a great vacation.

  4. Thank you for sharing Kara! Looks like paradise and somewhere I need to go someday! We've never been there before so keep your info handy as I may need to hit you up for more details! ;)

  5. Wow! Looks like a wonderful place. Somewhere I'd definitely enjoy! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  6. Thank YOU for sharing your pics! It looks like paradise!!

  7. Kara, it does look like paradise! To lay on one of those beds would be heaven :) And how cool that the beach had art work all over the walls!

  8. That looks like one amazing vacation! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pics, although the guy with the spear creeps me out!

  9. Oh Kara, your photos are gorgeous and it looks and sounds like a dream vacation!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! We were there last October so I even had my hubby look at your photos--they're wonderful! My stepson married a girl from Merida so I know we will be traveling back there. i'll email you for the name of where you stayed. Looks like an awesome place!

  11. Oh, Kara it looks incredible!!
    I think I may have been tempted to just stay...
    what gorgeous pictures!
    And really loving the one of the storm rolling in...
    it's one of my favorite times!
    When you can see the rain wall in the distance and feel the electricity in the air...
    and then the wind starts to blow and you can hear the thunder in the distance...
    love it! :)


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