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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well, it was back to school this week. 2 days of in-service workshops and getting ready for the new school year to start. Our kids don't come back until next Tuesday. I've only had a little bit of time this week, so I made a simple one layer card for the OLW Challenge: Trees.

These awesome insects in disguise were under my porch roof when I walked out of my front door yesterday. How cool to see a stick bug and a leaf bug in the same place at the same time!

Cardstock: PTI Rustic Cream

Stamps: PTI First Fruits

Ink: Memento Brown


  1. Ok, first of all I would have peed my pants had I seen either of those bugs anywhere near me. lol

    As for your card, I love it. I find it hard to make one layer cards, but this is great!!

  2. Ditto what Keva said about the bugs. But I really liked seeing them close up and impersonal, and liked hearing what kind of bugs.....teachers know sooooo much stuff like that. My Sister just taught her last year....she's 76......and I've always thought one day in a classroom with 25 or 30 kids would be my idea of hell on earth. I ALWAYS vote for the Bonds that pay teachers more. Thank you for teaching and for sharing your beautiful card.

    Your card is just so perfect

  3. Love the way you used this stamp for the tree challenge. Good idea. And it is pretty funny that the stick and leaf bugs are hanging out together now! Hmmm. Maybe pretty soon you'll have "branch bugs" or "tree bugs". :) Hope your school year gets off to a fabulous start!

  4. You always do the best cards on OLW....... Fantastic and I hope you have a great school year!!

  5. Oooh, LOVE the walking stick and the leaf hopper! Some of my favorite insects!
    We go back Tuesday too...looking forward to it.

  6. This card is lovely. I can do without the bugs up close, but I can enjoy your pictures.

  7. Not much of a bug person, myself...but the photos are nice. I'm not sure I would have know they were you did good! LOL! I love the image stamped off the edge of the card...very creative!

  8. Lovely simple, clean card, love it:D xx

  9. The bugs look interesting (lol) ... great photos. I love your card and the simplicity of it.

  10. The card is simply wonderful...that's one of my favorite PTI sets ever.

    And I had a leaf bug on my back door AND a praying mantis on my bay window last week. Bugs like that are so interesting. Cockroaches, however, I can do without. Ewwww.


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