The Perfect Gift

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Isn't it exciting when you know you have the perfect gift for someone? I love giving someone something I KNOW they want. The problem is, I am not very good at it. Ryan, on the other hand, has this down to an art. He remembers things I said I want when I don't even remember them. He gives me things I wouldn't dream of getting for myself, things I didn't even know I wanted. I'm always afraid of getting the wrong thing and wasting money. So if you're like me and giving the "perfect gift" means letting the person pick it out themselves, this is for you.

You can still make it special and personal! These gift card holders are so fun to make too.

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  1. Hi, Kara, I added you to my blog list as you requested. Your work is clean, fresh, and fun--great photography on your site too!


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