Quick Tip: Send More Cards

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Many people often express that they need to send more cards.  I shared a picture on Instagram showing my process for making sure to mail cards to friends and family.  It's quite simple, but ensures that I never forget anyone.  I received this greeting card organizer a long time ago. There are plenty others on the market {here and here for example} or you can make one yourself.  Each page represents a month and each month has a pocket where you can keep the cards you want to send out to the people on that month's list.  I never use the pockets because my cards are way too thick!
 Near the end of the current month, I look ahead to the next month to see who's birthday or anniversary is coming up.  I choose a card for each occasion, write them out, address them, and place a stamp on the envelopes.  I attach a post-it note to each envelope with the date of the occasion. {If I'm feeling really organized I'll put the date that I need to place the card in the mail instead of the date of the actual birthday or special occasion} I keep them in number order in my craft room. Then, usually about a week before the date, I drop the card(s) in the mail. I know I'll see them because I go in there every day;)
I usually do this when I want to be in my craft room,
but don't feel inspired to make something.  It doesn't take long {unless you have to chase your husband around with a pen for him to sign them ;)} and now I'm all set for August!
I hope this helps you send out more of your beautiful cards!


  1. Great idea!! Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. A really great idea Kara, I need to be more like you! :)

  3. What a clever idea, Kara!!! TFS.
    Have a great day!!!

  4. This is a really awesome idea! I typically create for a person's birthday 2 to 3 weeks ahead and address the envelope the night before sending it off. I really like this idea of getting all the people's birthday cards all ready to send for the next month. I really need to start making a batch of birthday cards ahead of time to make this idea work. Thanks for sharing your fabulous idea!

  5. Oh what a brilliant idea! I so need to do this! I am so good at making cards, and so bad at sending them! haha! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Great idea,and I woul love to be this organized ,I'm working on it! I have cards with stamps and address on them and I forget to send them and they sit on my desk because I'm embarrassed to send them late.

  7. This is a great system, and I am laughing at the image I have of you chasing your husband around with a pen! I just forge my DH signature on everything. In fact, if he actually ever signed anything, he would probably be arrested for forgery.


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