Friday Inspiration File #143 {Friday Favorites}

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's chilly here in the Northeast.  I'm loving my chocolate mint tea that I picked up last weekend in Smithville
It's a charming little shopping area not too far from me.  Ryan and I took a ride down there to start our Christmas shopping.  We found a few things for my dad and some tea for me!
It's so delicious.  I find myself thinking about it while I'm at work, looking forward to coming home and having a cup.  The tea is from a shop called Through The Looking Glass.
Another favorite of mine lately is a craft product.  It's a shimmer spray that adds the most beautiful subtle shimmer.  I used it on this card recently.
It's a product that I picked up at Michael's, but the mister bottle is so small that it's almost all gone.
What I found online made me so happy....a refill!
It should be here any day now.  I'm using it on all of my holiday wrapped packages this year.  You'll see what I mean at the end of the month...;)
This was a great week for beautiful projects! 
I just added many pins to the file...#143.
Have a great weekend!

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