Friday Inspiration File #12

Friday, April 22, 2011

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Ryan is off today. 
We are taking Lady to the park for a nice, long walk.
Enjoy these beautiful creations!
Amber's gorgeous floral card!  I love gold embossing.

Karin made the sweetest little animal alphabet set and a stunning Easter set!

I love the bright color on Erin's card!

I love this fun birthday card that Kathy made.  The balloons look so real!

This has got to be about the cutest fish card I have ever seen, except for maybe this one:)

I just want to take a ride on this bike!


  1. Kara, I love that you do these Friday Inspirations. I get to see some of the lovely creations I may have missed.

  2. Thanks for sharing your inspirations!!! They all make me smile!!

  3. Hey Kara!

    Thanks for including me in your Friday Inspiration file! I always love this post and being included is a great treat! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Just got home from a mini trip to France and discovered I had lots of visitors coming from your blog -How super nice of you to include me in your Inspiration list - made me so, so happy and glad I got to visit yours - wow- you make fabulous cards - super inspiring!!!!
    Thank You very much!
    Hugs, Karin


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