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Thursday, May 7, 2009

This seems to be my average. About one card a day is the most I have time for these days. Some days I just experiment with some supplies and don't make anything. Ryan and I are on our 3rd week of P90X. It takes up a good chunk of our evening every night, 6 days a week. It is a 3 month commitment to get ourselves back in shape. After that, a normal 3 days a week plus our active lifestyle will be enough to maintain. They are really fun workouts. That helps a lot with motivation. The program includes Yoga and Kenpo, as well as weight training. It is different everyday which keeps it from getting boring. Each workout is and hour to an hour and a half (yoga). We are seeing results already and I have lost 5 pounds:) So the after work routine has been working out, walking the dog, making dinner, ironing work clothes, and making lunches. That pretty much brings us to 9pm every night. I don't know how people work and have kids and find time to do all this other stuff.

One more day and then we can all enjoy the weekend!

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