Little Treasures

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Remember this? My original plan was to use it for pictures from the family reunion trip where I found it, but I changed my mind. The pictures from that trip were so full of color that they didn't' look right in this tray. To change them to black and white would have made them work better in here, but the story would have been lost without the vibrant color. I decided to house all my little treasures in here instead. I love the monochromatic pallete much better.
In it is:

*sand from the beach near where I grew up in FL
*a pine cone from our trip to the Grand Canyon AZ
*golden sand and little pine cones from our houseboat trip to Smith Mountain lake in VA
*a feather dropped by the wild turkeys that frequent our neighborhood here in NJ
*rocks collected by my nephews on a hike near their home in the Smoky Mountains TN
*rocks and driftwood from the beach in Pacifica, CA
*a rock Ryan brought home for me in NM, because he thought I would like it:)
*a nest from a little bird family we were lucky enough to watch from egg to emancipation
* a slipper shell given to me by my nephew Zachary
*starfish and other shells from Fenstermaker's in PA. Mr. Fenstermaker is a cute little old man who sells antiques and other good things out of his house.
*a photo of Yosemite Falls CA, taken by Ryan's dad in 1968

I'm glad to finally get this written down. I was afraid that I would forget where each of my little treasures came from.

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  1. so neat. i have scattered treasures all over the place, no idea where some of them are from now. ahhh, if i'm ever you (when I grow up) I'll get them all in a special place like this! love you and your creativity!!


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