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Sunday, November 16, 2008

It has been a busy week! We have been working on the kitchen every night after work until about 10pm. Re-wiring and removing all of the drywall. We need to put in new drywall, install pot lights, lay down the hardwood flooring, and paint before the cabinets come. (I'm sure I am forgetting some things) We're getting there.

Today we ordered our new kitchen cabinets. Ryan said my face was flushed the whole time:) We got lucky that they are having a promotion, 20% off. That helped. They are not cheap, but I know it will be worth it when we are done.

These are the exact cabinets and finish that we ordered. The layout will be different because our kitchen is not set up this way. We haven't picked out our counter top yet. We have four weeks before the cabinets are delivered. We are installing them ourselves. Saves us about $2,ooo that way.

We also went to my nephew's birthday party this weekend. He loves nature and animals. So, along with some books, we gave him this bucket full of sea animals. I made the little sailboat using a template available at PTI. He really loved it!

Enjoy the last bit of the weekend. I have to finish the laundry so we have something to wear to work tomorrow:)

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